(Responsibly Educating Adolescents for Life) 

Due to high demand, Cedarburg Parents for Responsible HG&D Education is pleased to announce that our "REAL" HG&D programs will again be offered in 2016.  

Cedarburg Parents for Responsible HG&D Education is comprised of concerned parents, pediatricians, educators, clergy and community members.  Since 2013, we have offered responsible, medically-accurate, abstinence-focused yet comprehensive HG&D programs for 7th, 8th and 9th graders.    

The "REAL" HG&D programs are taught by educators and medical professionals who are passionate about providing teens with accurate and comprehensive HG&D information.  Developed by researching HG&D programs of neighboring school districts, our programs emphasize that abstinence is the best approach for teens, while giving them the knowledge and tools they need to make good decisions for themselves as teens, young adults and throughout their lives. Teens also learn in an environment where they feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their thoughts.  

REGISTRATION FOR 2016 "REAL" HG&D (Responsibly Educating Adolescents for Life)  WILL BE COMING SOON! 

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